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Shortly after the loss of two babies, I began a painful journey of self-discovery.  Like many, I had experienced loss in my life. I had lost friends and family. I had lost great opportunities. I had lost material things.  I had even lost love. 

This loss was different. It shook my core. In back to back pregnancies, I lost two baby boys during childbirth. In the years to follow, the pain of those experiences caused me to lose everything I had worked my entire life to build.  I lost my career. My family.  My friends. My self respect. 

I lost my light and love for life. 

Smiling through the pain,  I pretended the hurt did not affect my life. I repressed everything. And not knowing why...I kept repeating (even hash tagging) the words "Head Up, Head Forward."

As if things weren't bad enough, I found myself homeless, with my marriage in shambles, my career in despair, and my financial situation in dire straights. I thought I had nothing. I was faced with only two options: 1) Quit or 2) Fight Hard to Live. 

And that is where the real work began. That is when I discovered what "Head Up, Head Forward" really meant. This is my story. It has its moments of hilarity. There are also enough "shock-value moments" to make you cry. It is real. It is painful. And it is beautiful. 

Thank you for letting me share it with you.


Erica M. Benavides

Book to be released in 2019.