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How the personal trials of one woman inspired teachings of love and hope.

About Me

Erica M. Benavides is an entrepreneur that has been recognized as an

industry leader in brand building, enhancing company visibility, and developing strategic marketing initiatives.

Erica currently serves as the CEO of Don’t Forget The Music, LLC and is the founder of The Pinnacle Development Group. 

She also speaks publicly about her personal and professional trials under Head Up, Head Forward.

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Workshops and Keynotes

The Embrace Series


Embrace Pain

Not processing pain prevents us from moving forward.  Hurtful experiences can occur at any time and in all areas of our life.  Many of us have been conditioned to bury painful memories. This learned behavior only prevents us from living our best and brightest life. This presentation is built my personal experiences of loss and on years of working with various groups who are practicing working through difficult times in our lives. 


Embrace Change

I created his presentation after years of consulting businesses on the Power of Change. Why did society evaluate and embrace Change in the workplace but not in our personal lives? Change is constant.  Yet, we fight so hard to keep things the same. Sometimes we label it as "Stability". Other times we attempt to "Control" outcomes because we fear it. Rarely, do we embrace it. Whether by choice or chance, we will be hit by Change. By focusing on growth during these periods in our lives, we can harness the true healing power behind Change.


Embrace Connectivity

Whether we prescribe to Quantum Physics scientific theories of Oneness, the metaphysical belief of our connectivity to one universal energy source or the spiritual belief that we are all connected because we are created in the likeness of a Divine Power, we can all agree Connectivity is important. When we begin life, our connections are crucial to our survival. We depend on others to feed us, clothe us, and teach us. As we end life, these connections are necessary to making our final days peaceful and purposeful. But what about the time in the middle?  Using my Embrace Connectivity techniques, this workshop will help you learn how to love and respect the individuals that we come into our lives and feel great about the valuable time we spend together, both for themselves and our own.


As a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, I will bring new life and connection to your next event. Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.

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